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Dog School

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Socialization and basic “life skills” coaching is no longer considered an optional extra or indulgent luxury, whether you are an experienced dog owner or not. Unacceptable behaviour is the prime cause of mortality for dogs in the first year of life in Australia.

Puppies learn about life in modern society and their place in it by socializing and interacting with other puppies and humans in a controlled environment, facilitated by an experienced dog trainer. The aim is to establish a pattern of lifelong learning for your puppy, just the same as the various stages of schooling being the place to start a healthy habit of lifelong learning and skill development for our children.

Where Should I Go for Dog Training?

Raby Bay Vet Surgery is delighted to recommend Dee Scott and associates of Positive Response Dog Training for all your requirements, both puppy classes and older dog classes and also for individual dog behaviour problems.

Dee is a Nationally Accredited Trainer with Delta Australia (Certificate IV Dog behaviour and Training). She works with a simple humane and gentle approach, rewarding desired behaviour and ignoring unacceptable behaviour. This type of training is called operant conditioning, and has largely replaced older-style, harsh “coercive” types of training.

Get in Touch

You can contact Positive Response Dog Training on 0424 058 450, or

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